How We Do It

We help you find the right product for your needs. We have access to an extensive range of lenders — from trusted names like Barclays, Natwest or Santander — including products not available to the general public.  

And what's more, we are paid by the lenders, so you won’t pay a penny for us to find you the best mortgages and protection policies. Unlike many other brokers, we have chosen not to charge a broker fee on top — potentially saving you hundreds of pounds. After all, times are tough enough at the moment.

We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty, and our decisions are 100% impartial, based on what’s best for you and your circumstances, not what a lender offers us. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we follow a stringent process to ensure that the products we offer are the best fit for you. Depending on your circumstances, we’ll typically be able to offer several options of product and lender, so if you don’t like our top recommendation, you are absolutely free to choose another — it’s your decision.

Plus, we do ALL the legwork for you — before, during and after your mortgage is sorted (although you’ll still have to dig out your paperwork, we can’t do that bit for you). Put simply, Many Hands offers the best, jargon-free, stress-free and fee-free mortgage experience. Hands down!

*Small print: your chosen mortgage may require a fee payable to the lender as part of the product — this is separate from any fee that a broker might be paid for their services by the lender.