Moving Home & Remortgages

Sometimes life happens exactly as it is supposed to, but sometimes it doesn’t. It may be that you have always planned to make a significant change at a particular life milestone, or it could be that something has happened that was out of your control and beyond anything you ever imagined, or maybe everything is continuing as uneventfully as you’d hoped! As a homeowner, it is likely that you will need to reconsider your mortgage at various times in your life.

A remortgage or product transfer is often done when your existing mortgage is due for renewal, but it could also release funds from your home for improvements or another substantial project.

And if you’re looking to move home you’ll need to arrange a new product, either with a new lender or by transferring to a different product with the same lender (sometimes known as porting) if they allow this.

Whatever your plans, now or in the future, talk to us about finding the best options to suit your specific circumstances.